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Basic copper chloride
  • Basic copper chloride

Basic copper chloride

Basic cupric chloride is a safe and bioavailable source of copper, ideal for livestock. Basic cupric chloride combats copper-related complications and helps address oxidation, discoloration, caking and nutrient loss in feed and premixes.

Detail Description

Basic copper chloride also known as dicopper chloride trihydroxide is green crystal or dark green crystalline powder, insoluble in water, soluble in dilute acid and ammonia water. It reacts with alkali to form blue flocculent precipitate, which is copper hydroxide, and decomposes in boiling water to form black copper oxide. Used as pesticide intermediates, pharmaceutical intermediates, wood preservatives, feed additives, etc.

Basic copper chloride 98%

Application: Feed additives, Fungicide; Industry as source of copper, Dying pigment and mordant; wood preservative, pharmacia intermediate

CAS NO:1332-65-6

HS CODE: 2309901000

Chemical formula: Cu2(OH)3CL

Synonym: copper

Fineness (250μm)%≥9596
Miosture content % ≤0.50.01
ApperanceGreen or light green powdergreen powder

Feed grade basic copper chloride features

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