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The trace elements necessary for crops are boron, manganese, copper, zinc, molybdenum, iron, chlorine, etc. These elements are manufactured into fertilizers by factories, which are called trace element fertilizers. The application of trace element fertilizers is conducive to the improvement of production. Fertilizer additives from DYNAMIC are mainly used in the production of agricultural fertilizers, enabling the production of compound fertilizers or serving as a single fertilizer, such as for corn and wheat in agricultural fertilizer production to enhance micronutrient for plant growth.

These trace elements for plants include: manganese carbonate, copper sulfate, and zinc sulfate granules.

Manganese carbonate: An important source of manganese, an essential trace element for animal nutrition and a crucial component in various industrial applications.

Copper sulfate: An inorganic compound consisting of copper and sulfur, forming a bright blue salt. Mainly used as fungicides and algicides in agriculture and industry.

Zinc sulfate granules: Used as a trace element fertilizer to prevent zinc deficiency in crops and increase crop yield. It can also serve as a feed additive to supplement trace elements.